Celebrating South African women!

South Africa celebrates National Women’s Day on 9 August for the 60th time. On that day in 1956, 20,000 women marched to petition against pass laws.

We want to celebrate South African women with a blog post in Northern Sotho.

Which South African woman, past or present, has inspired you in your life and why? Which woman should everyone know about?

Let us know by writing a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) in Northern Sotho and send it together with your name to nsothocommunity@oup.com by 22 July 23:59 UK time to get it published in our blog!

By submitting your text to us, you agree that we may, at our own discretion, publish the text on the Northern Sotho Oxford Living Dictionaries Website and/or use it in accordance with our Website Terms and Conditions.

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