Profile: Gadifele Moroaswi

During October we had a lot of fantastic contributions to the Northern Sotho living dictionary. We wanted you to meet the person who contributed the most new words and find out why she thinks this is such an important project.

Image titleName: Gadifele Moroaswi 

What attracted you to be part of the Northern Sotho Living Dictionary?
To try to further the knowledge of my mother tongue and to try to learn more of it myself.

How do you think Northern Sotho speakers can benefit from it?
We can benefit by documenting it as fully as we can for ourselves (adults), but mainly for future generations. We need to ensure that our language do not die out.

What other features would you like to see on the Living Dictionary site?
Phrases for everyday conversation, as well as idioms and proverbs that are used by older generation. The young generation don't know these things. Idioms and proverbs are generally not translatable, but similar meanings may be found in other languages to address particular issues. They add to the richness of a language and make conversation beautiful.

Thank you Gadifele! 

Come back next month to see who the member of the month is.

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