Member of the Month: Elias Sepuru

Name: Elias Sepuru

What attracted you to be part of the Northern Sotho Living Dictionary?

Firstly, I will like to thank you for the honour that you bestowed upon me.

What attracted me to the Oxford Living Dictionary of Northern Sotho, is the pride I have in my home language, Sepedi. Another thing that perpetuated me to be part of this Dictionary, is that nowadays most people forget about their culture. What I discovered also is that the Sepedi which is written in most books is not pure. Therefore, I registered myself to be part of the Living Dictionary so as to play my part in adding to the vocabulary of Sepedi, by translating from other languages so that our language must not be extinct because of transliteration and borrowings, as we are living in an ever changing world.

How do you think Northern Sotho speakers can benefit from it?

Speakers of the Northern Sotho language will benefit from this because they will learn from other languages, especially English. They will benefit because they will learn how to translate modern terms that are not familiar to them into Sepedi language. They will seek ways and means of knowing their meanings to enable them to find their equivalents in the Sepedi language. They will be perfecting the language by doing so.

What other features would you like to see on the Living Dictionary site?

I think that there should be a matter of principle, those with more contribution should somehow be compensated as to attract more users.

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