Keabilwe 20kenneth 20seleka

Member of the Month: Keabilwe Kenneth

A note from Keabilwe: I would like to thank you for the opportunity bestowed upon me to build the knowledge of our people so as to enable them to understand the Northern Sotho language. I am really excited about this opportunity. 

What attracted you to be part of the Northern Sotho Living Dictionary?

I learned Sepedi as my first language at school – in fact I am a Setswana speaking person by birth, but in our school the Setswana language was not offered, therefore, I was forced to learn Sepedi as my first language. When I was busy studying this language, I gradually developed the love of Sepedi and I definitely enjoyed its lessons. When I completed my Matric certificate, I found myself learning Sepedi further, then I started searching for ways of being a symbol of this language, Sepedi. When I discovered the Northern Sotho Dictionary and its site, where we are able to add terms, my quest for this language was absolutely satisfied. That is the major factor that has drawn my attention.

How do you think Northern Sotho speakers can benefit from it?

I think Northern Sotho speakers may benefit mostly form the Northern Sotho Dictionary – especially learners who are studying Sepedi as a subject. I still remember that when I was still at high school level, I definitely needed to own a Sepedi/Northern Sotho Dictionary; therefore, I perceive that learners like me could benefit mostly from this endeavor.

What other features would you like to see on the Living Dictionary site?

At the present moment I never had a chance of going through (browse through) your site. In my point of view, everything seem to be going well. Maybe next time I will have that chance of expressing my views on features of this site.

Thank you

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