Member of the month: Chris Tshabalala

Chris Tshabala

What attracted you to be part of the Northern Sotho Living Dictionary?

As we all know our language, Northern Sotho, is considered to be one of the languages that is underdeveloped or not well represented like other languages. That is the reason why our children cannot be taught in the Northen Sotho language as a medium of instruction due to lack of adequate terminology, e.g. Mathematics in Northern Sotho. We must stop relying heavily on other languages such as English to guide and teach our children. It is my wish to see our language receiving the status and respect it deserves like other languages. It has been a long time that our language seems to be lacking behind and eventually it will become extinct. It is everybody’s responsibility to make sure that our language remain steadfast for may years to come.

How do you think Nothern Sotho speakers can benefit from it?
There are different kinds of benefits one can acquire from the Oxford Living Dictionary of Northern Sotho. We have students who are majoring in this language and on the other hand we have others from different racial groups not forgetting pupils from our schools.

What other features would you like to see on the Northern Sotho Living Dictionary?

I really wish to see the Oxford Lving Dictionary of Northern Sotho acquiring its official status through the academia and other organisation like Pan South African Language Board (Pansalb). But the burning issue is that, I want to see the completion of the Oxford Lveing Dictionary of Northern Sotho, published so that everyone can use it even be in the Library shelves.

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