Member of the month: Linda Mahlatji

What attracted you to be part of the Northern Sotho Living Dictionary?

I like reading various kinds of books, but in most cases I don’t get the opportunity of reading books written in my home language. It is quite an issue to me because I like to remind myself of beautiful expressions in Northern Sotho. It is also scary because I spent most of my time speaking other languages without using my home language, therefore, this expression may disappear from my memory. When I encountered the Living Dictionary of Northern Sotho for the first time, I had an impetus to partake in this. I registered immediately in order to enable myself to be one of the contributors, and I still pet myself on the shoulders for taking up this decision even now.

How do you think Northern Sotho speakers can benefit from it? 

Speakers may benefit more by learning new words, and to remind themselves of words they have forgotten, especially those words that are not popular. By taking part in this Dictionary, I became aware of the importance of developing our language so that it can reach the standard of developed languages – and must not be left behind the new scientific and technological knowledge.

What other features would you like to see on the Living Dictionary site? 

Every time I visit this website, I want to learn something. I can be very delighted if you may add some more quizzes to test the knowledge. I definitely liked your previous quiz on agriculture’s cultural tools.

Thank you!

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