Member of the month: Mpho Masipa

What attracted you to be part of the Northern Sotho Living Dictionary?

I was attracted by the wealth of language in this dictionary. I am compassionate about following things that involve technology so that I can be able to increase knowledge in relation to it. The dictionary that is on internet makes life simpler because it can be accessed on your cellphone or tablet any time, everywhere. 

How do you think Northern Sotho speakers can benefit from it? 

They will be able to increase their vocabulary because words are added daily in this dictioanry. Language is dynamic and because of the proliferation of technology this days, it is ever changing. Dictionaries that are available do not have enough terms that are used in our language, for example, “hashtag’. There are no technological terms like legal terms in the old dictionaries, therefore, this dictionary will be able to resolve such issues. Language practitioners and editors use dictionaries in their daily work and this one will enhance them in their performance because there is availability of modern terminology.

What other features would you like to see on the Living Dictionary site? 

Tongue twisting! We don’t only learn language from it, but there is fun also when the tongue is twisting. This can give families a golden opportunity of being together practising tongue twisters and enjoy laughing. 


Thank you.

 Mpho Masipa

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