Phetolelo ya (together) with them ka go Sesotho sa Leboa

(together) with them


(with them)


  • 1

    (with cl. 2)
    ‘He left with them yesterday’ O sepetše nabo maabane
  • 2

    (with cl. 4, with cl. 2)
    ‘My friend, there are many nations in South Africa; you must learn to work together with them’ Mogweraka, merafe ke ye mentši mo Afrika-Borwa, o ithute go šomišana nayo
  • 3

    (with cl. 4, with cl. 6)
    ‘I left the birds in the nest, but the chicks, I leave with them’ Ke tlogetše dinonyana ka sehlageng, eupša mafotwana ke sepela nao
  • 4

    (with cl. 8, cl. 10, with cl. 6)
    ‘Teach the children about the divining bones, do not go with them to the ancestors’ Rutang bana ditaolo, le se ye natšo badimong