Phetolelo ya it (in particular) ka go Sesotho sa Leboa

it (in particular)


  • 1

    (absolute pronoun)
    See "her/him/it (in particular)", "she/he/it (in particular)"
  • 2

    (with cl. 3)
    ‘As for the example, you did show it to us’ Ge e le mohlala wona o re bontšhitše
  • 3

    (with cl. 7)
    ‘This extract, which short story is it from?’ Setsopolwa se sona se tšwa kanegelong efe?
  • 4

    (with cl. 14)
    ‘The meat is done; as for the porridge, it is not (yet) cooked’ Nama e budule, bogobe bjona ga se bja butšwa