Translation of apostrophe in Northern Sotho



nounPlural apostrophes


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    ‘In "He's late", the apostrophe is used to shorten 'he is' to 'he's'’ Mo "He's late", lenalana le šomišitšwe go kopafatša 'he is' go 'he's'
    ‘In "The girl's computer", the apostrophe followed by 's' is used to indicate that the computer belongs to the girl’ Mo "The girl's computer", lenalana la go latelwa ke 's' le šomišwa go laetša gore khomphutha ke ya mosetsana
    • in English, the punctuation mark ' used to show that one or more letters or numbers have been left out or to show possession
    • ka Seisimane leswaodikga leo le dirišwago go bontšha gore tlhaka e tee goba tše ntši goba dinomoro di tlogetšwe goba go bontšha leruo