Translation of base in Northern Sotho



  1. Examples

    • The base of the pot is made of copper

      Botlase bja pitša bo dirilwe ka koporo

  2. Mathematics


    • Which of these shapes has a square base?

      Ke sefe gare ga dibopego tše seo se nago le botlase bja sekwere?

    the bottom part of a shape or object, on which the shape or object rests

  3. Examples

    • The soldiers are close to their base

      Mašole a kgauswi le sebo sa bona

  4. science


    • A special name is given to the acid or base characteristic that a substance has: it is called pH

      Leina la go ikgetha le fiwa selo go šupa phapantšho ya esiti goba beisi ya sona: e bitšwa pH

    a substance like soap that is not acid and which has a pH greater than 7


  1. Examples

    • The film is based on a true story

      Filimi e theilwe godimo ga kanegelo ya nnete

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