Translation of budget in Northern Sotho


tekanyetšo (ya ditšhelete/mašeleng)

nounPlural budgets, Plural Budgets


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    tekanyetšo (ya ditšhelete/mašeleng)
    ‘The country's budget allowed for more money to be spent on education’ Tekanyetšo ya ditšhelete ya naga e dumelela gore go be le tšhelete ye ntši yeo e ka šomišetšwago thuto
    ‘During the financial year 2002/2003, the Department of Public Works was given a budget of R275 million’ Ngwageng wa ditšhelete wa 2002/2003, Kgoro ya Mešomo ya Setšhaba e filwe tekanyetšo ya R275 milione
    • the money that is available to a person or an organization and a plan of how it will be spent over a period of time