Translation of degree in Northern Sotho


Noun (plural degrees)

  1. science


    • In South Africa we measure temperature in degrees Celsius

      Mo Afrika-Borwa re ela themperetšha ka dikgato tša Celsius

    a unit for measuring temperature, usually on a scale such as Celsius or Fahrenheit

  2. Mathematics


    • A right angle is 90 degrees

      Khutlotsepa ke kgato tše 90

    a unit for measuring angles, equal to 1/360 of a full revolution

  3. Geography


    • Degrees of latitude and longitude can be further subdivided into minutes

      Dikgato tša mogaranafase le lesetafase di ka ngwathaganywa gape ka metsotso

    a unit for measuring latitude or longitude, equal to 1/360 of a circle

  4. Examples

    • When you graduate from university or college, you get a degree or a diploma

      Ge o apara go tšwa yunibesithi goba kholetšhe, o hwetša tikrii goba diploma

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