Translation of from in Northern Sotho



  1. Examples

    • We walked from Hout Bay to Camps Bay

      Re sepetše go tloga Hout Bay go ya Camps Bay

    • I live about 10 km from town

      Ke dula dikilometara tše 10 go tloga toropong

    • We will be away from Friday morning to Monday evening

      Re tla ba re se gona go tloga ka Labohlano gosasa go fihla ka Mošupologo mathapama

  2. Examples

    • He is from Polokwane

      O tšwa Polokwane

    • We get water from the tap

      Re hwetša meetse go tšwa pomping

    • I had an email from my sister

      Ke hweditše emeile go tšwa go sesi

    • Paper is made from wood

      Pampiri e dirwa go tšwa koteng

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