Translation of green/blue in Northern Sotho



  1. Examples

    • The green spinach in the garden has long leaves

      Morogo wo motala wa ka mašemong o na le matlakala a matelele

  2. Examples

    • We see green leaves and flowers

      Re bona mahlare a matala le matšoba

  3. Examples

    • Do you know that man in the blue car?

      Monna yola wa ka sefatanageng se setala o a mo tseba?

  4. Examples

    • Green plants are able to make their own food

      Dimela tše tala di kgona go itirela dijo

  5. Examples

    • The land is green

      Naga ke ye tala

Noun (plural greens)

  1. Examples

    • She was dressed in green and white

      O be a apere botala le bošweu

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