Translation of green/blue in Northern Sotho


wo motala


  • 1

    (with cl. 3)
    wo motala
    ‘The green spinach in the garden has long leaves’ Morogo wo motala wa ka mašemong o na le matlakala a matelele
  • 2

    (with cl. 3, with cl. 6)
    a matala
    ‘We see green leaves and flowers’ Re bona mahlare a matala le matšoba
  • 3

    (with cl. 7, with cl. 6)
    se setala
    ‘Do you know that man in the blue car?’ Monna yola wa ka sefatanageng se setala o a mo tseba?
  • 4

    (with cl. 7, with cl. 8, cl. 10)
    tše tala
    ‘Green plants are able to make their own food’ Dimela tše tala di kgona go itirela dijo
  • 5

    (with cl. 9, with cl. 8, cl. 10)
    ye tala
    ‘The land is green’ Naga ke ye tala
  • 6

    (with cl. 14, with cl. 9)
    bjo botala


In Northern Sotho the stem "-tala" is used for both "green" and "blue". To distinguish between these two colours, the stem "-talamorogo" is sometimes used for "green".