Translation of here in Northern Sotho




  • 1

    (close to us, with cl. 16)
    ‘Summarize what is happening here’ Akaretša seo se diragalago fa
  • 2

    (close to us, with cl. 18)
    ‘It is three years now that he has worked here’ Ke mengwaga ye meraro a šoma mo
  • 3

    (next to the speaker, with cl. 16)
    ‘From here we will go straight to the municipality to report this incident’ Go tloga fakhwi re leba thwi mmasepaleng go bega taba ye
  • 4

    (next to the speaker, with cl. 18)
    ‘You must bring that book here to me’ O swanetše go tliša puku yeo mokhwi go nna
  • 5

    ka mo go
    ‘… to promote equality here at SAMWU and from there to take it to the whole nation’ … go phethagatša tekatekano ka mo go SAMWU gomme go tloga moo, ya išwa go setšhaba ka bophara