Translation of of in Northern Sotho



  1. Examples

    • A messenger of the court brought the papers for me to sign

      Moromiwa wa kgoro ya tsheko o tlišitše dipampiri gore ke di saene

  2. Examples

    • The men of the village went to the meeting

      Banna ba motse ba ile kopanong

  3. Examples

    • The workers will be paid their wages at the end of the week

      Bašomi ba tla amogetšwa meputso ya bona mafelelo a beke

  4. Examples

    • The letter of the teacher has been submitted to the chairperson

      Lengwalo la morutiši le fetišeditšwe go modulasetulo

  5. Examples

    • The government must help the members of the SANDF and their families

      Mmušo o swanetše go thuša maloko a SANDF le ba malapa a bona

  6. Examples

    • My father's axe (axe of my father) is broken

      Selepe sa tate se robegile

  7. Examples

    • The organization is very concerned about the rights of women

      Mokgatlo o hlokomela kudu ditokelo tša basadi

  8. Examples

    • It is not a good thing to take the children's porridge (porridge of the children) and to give it to the puppies

      Ga go botse ge motho a ka tšea bogobe bja bana, a bo lahlela dimpšanyana

  9. Examples

    • He put the piece of meat on top of the stone to dry

      O beile nama godimo ga leswika gore e ome

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