Translation of period in Northern Sotho


Noun (plural periods)

  1. Examples

    • It is a good rule to breastfeed a baby as long as possible; even for a period of 18 months, if it is possible for the child's mother

      Ke molao wo botse go amuša lesea lebaka leo le ka kgonwago, le botelele bja dikgwedi tše 18 ge mmagongwana a ka kgona

  2. Examples

    • We are studying the colonial period of South African history at the moment

      Re ithuta ka mohla wa bokoloniale ka histori ya Afrika-Borwa gonabjale

  3. Examples

    • We have Afrikaans every day in the first period at school

      Re na le thuto ya Seafrikanse tšatši le lengwe le le lengwe ka pakanathuto ya mathomo sekolong

  4. Examples

    • A woman has her period every month

      Mosadi o ba le letlhapo kgwedi ye nngwe le ye nngwe

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