Translation of prefix in Northern Sotho


Noun (plural prefixes)

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    • We can add the prefix 'un-' to the word 'happy' to make the word 'unhappy'

      Re ka hlomesetša hlogwana 'di-' go lentšu 'kgoši' go dira lentšu 'dikgoši'

    • Most of the nouns in class 1 have a prefixmo-, but the form of the prefix for some nouns in this class can be ngw-

      Bontši bja maina a legoro la 1 bo na le hlogwana ya sebopego sa mo-; fela sebopego sa hlogwana ya maina a mangwe a legoro leo e ka ba ngw-

    letters that we add to the front of a word to make a new word or to change the word

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