Translation of solid in Northern Sotho



adjectivemore solid, most solid

  • 1

    [PC +] go tia
    [DEM + SC +] tiilego
    [DEM +] CPthata
    (not liquid) [DEM +] thata
    ‘When water freezes, it becomes solid’ Ge meetse a kgahla a a tia
    ‘Some chocolates are solid and others are soft in the centre’ Ditšhokolete tše dingwe ke tše thata mola tše dingwe di le boleta ka gare
  • 2

    (strong, without holes or gaps) tia
    ‘This house has solid walls that won't fall down in a storm’ Ntlo ye e na le maboto a go tia ao a ka se wego ge go na le ledimo

nounPlural solids

  • 1

    selo se sethata
    ‘Ice is a solid, but water is a liquid’ Aese ke selo se sethata eupša meetse ke seela