Translation of support in Northern Sotho



  1. Examples

    • Explain your ideas and support them with good reasons

      Hlaloša dikgopolo tša gago le go di thekga ka mabaka a go kwagala

  2. Examples

    • Tšhaledi will support the children and pay the nanny hired by Taamane

      Tšhaledi o tla fepa bana bao a lefa le mothuši yola a thwetšwego ke Taamane

    • Ditheko supports his family with the money from the grant

      Ditheko o phediša lapa la gagwe ka tšhelete ya mphiwafela

Noun (plural supports)

  1. Examples

    • Support is needed for a person when he has undergone HIV tests

      Thekgo e a hlokega go motho ge a fetša go dira diteko tša HIV

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