Translation of that in Northern Sotho



  1. Examples

    • What does that woman want?

      Mosadi yoo a lego kgauswi le wena o nyaka eng?

  2. Examples

    • Take (drink) that mixture according to the doctor's orders

      Enwa motswako woo go ya ka taelo ya ngaka

  3. Examples

    • Watch out for that wall (there, close to you) that it doesn't scratch your car

      O hlokomele leboto leo le se go kgobolele sefatanaga

  4. Examples

    • Please wash that car for me

      Ntlhatswetše sefatanaga seo hle

  5. Examples

    • That card is for buying clothes

      Karata yeo ke ya go reka diaparo

  6. Examples

    • You are expected to carry that traditional beer to the chief's kraal

      O tlo swanelwa ke go rwalela bjala bjoo mošate

  7. Examples

    • That man is not a police officer

      Monna yowe ga se lephodisa

  8. Examples

    • Call that boy over there for me

      Mpiletše mošemane yola

  9. Examples

    • Remove that calabash from the table

      Tloša mokgopu wola kua tafoleng

  10. Examples

    • That guy is calling you

      Lesogana lela le a go bitša

  11. Examples

    • They were sitting under that tree when we arrived

      Ba be ba dutše ka tlase ga sehlare sela ge re fihla

  12. Examples

    • That donkey is the one that fell into the river

      Tonki yela ke yona ya go wela ka nokeng

  13. Examples

    • That porridge is for visitors only

      Bogobe bjola ke bja baeng fela

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