Translation of their(s) in Northern Sotho


[PC +] bona


  • 1

    (with cl. 2)
    [PC +] bona
    ‘It would take those people quite some time to build houses such as theirs’ Go tla ba tšea nako ye telele go aga dintlo tše bjalo ka tša bona
  • 2

    (with cl. 4)
    [PC +] yona
    ‘You must act in accordance with all their laws’ Le dire ka melao ya yona ka moka
  • 3

    (with cl. 6)
    [PC +] ona
    ‘The termites build an anthill as their shelter’ Makeke a aga seolo go dira bodulo bja ona
  • 4

    (with cl. 8, with cl. 10)
    [PC +] tšona
    ‘Cattle and goats are in their kraals’ Dikgomo le dipudi di ka mašakeng a tšona