Translation of there in Northern Sotho


Adverb & Pronoun

  1. Examples

    • Above there are swallows flying. > There are swallows flying

      Godimo go fofa dipeolwane. > Go fofa dipeolwane

  2. Examples

    • There is meat in the pot

      Go na le nama ka potong

  3. Examples

    • I will always be there for you when you want me

      Ke tla no dula ke le gona ka mehla ge o nnyaka

  4. Examples

    • I have just come from there, but I didn't find him

      Ke tšwa ntshe eupša ga ke a mo hwetša

  5. Examples

    • They say they are going there to where you live

      Ba re ba tla fao o dulago

  6. Examples

    • Take this parcel over there to your uncle's place

      Iša phasela ye fale ga malomeago

  7. Examples

    • There are the other students, over there, close to the headmaster's office

      Baithuti ba bangwe šebale mola kgauswi le kantoro ya hlogo ya sekolo

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