Translation of these in Northern Sotho



  1. Examples

    • These people are lying

      Batho ba ba bolela maaka

  2. Examples

    • There are many of these trees

      Mehlare ye ke ye mentši

  3. Examples

    • These watermelons are ours

      Magapu a ke a rena

  4. Examples

    • Read these poems so that you are able to answer the questions

      Bala direto tše o tle o kgone go araba dipotšišo

  5. Examples

    • This novel talks about things of these times

      Padi ye e bolela ka dilo tša mehleng yeno

  6. Examples

    • I don't know what I'll feed these children of mine

      Ga ke tsebe gore a nna ke tlo fepa bana bakhwi ba ka ka eng?

  7. Examples

    • I picked this fruit from these trees

      Dienywa tše ke di kgele mehlareng yekhwi

  8. Examples

    • Gosh, even these feet of mine are painful

      Hei, ebile maoto akhwi a ka a a opa

  9. Examples

    • If we leave him here he may steal these sweet potatoes and run away

      Ge re ka mo tlogela mo a ka utswa dipotata tšekhwi a tšhaba

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