Translation of three in Northern Sotho


ba bararo


  • 1

    (with cl. 2)
    ba bararo
    ‘She found three men’ O humane banna ba bararo
  • 2

    (with cl. 4, with cl. 2)
    ye meraro
    ‘It's been three years since she started working here’ Ke mengwaga ye meraro ge a šoma mo
  • 3

    (with cl. 6, with cl. 4)
    a mararo
    ‘Three policemen arrived’ Go be go tlile maphodisa a mararo
  • 4

    (with cl. 8, cl. 10, with cl. 6)
    tše tharo
    ‘This question paper has three sections: A, B and C’ Pampiri ye e na le dikarolo tše tharo, e lego A, B le C