Translation of understanding in Northern Sotho


Noun (plural understandings)

  1. Examples

    • You must have an understanding of this paragraph that we are reading so that you can answer the following questions

      Le swanetše go ba le kwešišo ka ga temana ye re e badilego gore le tle le kgone go araba dipotšišo tše di latelago

    • Demonstrate your thorough understanding of what you have learnt in this lesson

      Bontšha temogo ya go tsenelela ya se o se rutilwego thutwaneng ye

  2. Examples

    • What is needed for us to solve this matter is only understanding and intelligence

      Seo se nyakegago mo tabeng ye ke fela tlhaologanyo le bohlale gore re kgone go e rarolla

    • I'm telling you because I know you will have an understanding of what I'm talking about

      Ke botša wena ka gore ke a tseba gore o tla ba le tlhaloganyo ya se ke se bolelago

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