Translation of which in Northern Sotho



  1. Examples

    • Which man put this luggage here?

      Ke monna ofe yo a beilego morwalo wo mo?

  2. Examples

    • Check which learners are having reading problems

      Lebelela gore ke baithuti bafe bao ba nago le mathata a go bala

  3. Examples

    • Which methods were used?

      Ke mekgwa efe yeo e dirišitšwego?

  4. Examples

    • Which government department is responsible for water affairs?

      Ke lefapha lefe la mmušo leo le šomago ka merero ya meetse?

  5. Examples

    • Which members have been expelled from the organization?

      Ke maloko afe ao a rakilwego lekgotleng?

  6. Examples

    • Which food do you like most?

      Ke sejo sefe seo o se ratago kudu?

  7. Examples

    • Which ideas come to mind when you look at this picture?

      Ke dikgopolo dife tšeo di go tlelago ge o lebetše seswantšho se?

  8. Examples

    • Which pair of trousers have you washed?

      Ke borokgo bofe bjo o bo hlatswitšego?

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